School Board Didn’t Feel The Need……

…. to stay late and get the job done of deciding at Thursday’s board meeting on WHO would be the next Round Lake Area District 116 School Superintendent. Instead, the item was tabled until Monday where it has been listed as an ‘action item’.

Ben Martindale, chief executive officer of District 116, stated that “the board just was not able to get to it”. What other items were more important on the agenda than deciding on a new superintendent? Knowing that the candidates are probably employed, with contracts at other districts, don’t they owe some fairness to those schools who may also need to start looking for a replacement? Or, maybe it was just supper getting cold. 

Shame on you  Mr. Martindale for not keeping the Board there until a decision was made. It’s not as though you will be getting a lot of additional information over the weekend for Monday’s meeting.

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