RLA D116 Administrators Play the Blame Game

Illinois State Board of Education raising the bar!

Assistant Superintendent Veronica Lake
Assistant Superintendent Veronica Lake

What was supposed to be a presentation on getting closer to finalizing the plan to restructure the schools in Round Lake Area District 116, felt more like sitting through a meeting of who’s to blame, Not Me! While Ass’t Superintendent Veronica Lake did her usual job of going through the hour-long Power Point restructuring presentation which pointed out the anticipated changes that will be required if the State goes along with the plan, there were handouts and discussion on the new testing requirements that will take place.

I had posted about this earlier that Round Lake Area students would be joining all other Illinois schools in being required to meet higher standards using new tests that would be administered several times a year to determine a students progress rather than only one test during the year. In the handout it stated:

Scores May Drop. These higher expectations will cause the number of students who meet and exceed standards to drop significantly. Some students who previously met or exceeded standards will instead be classified as needing improvement. However, these new expectations do not mean that our students know less than they did before or are less capable than they were in previous years.

It was also mentioned by the administration that it’s “not the students fault..” So, if I understand it right, it’s not the faculty, administration, or students fault that even MORE students will fall below the required testing curve, It’s now become IBOE’s fault.

Take a look at this chart again that I posted previously and see how it is conveniently “sugar-coated” with all the “feel-good green” on the top where the 100% is located to disguise the failing yellow and red areas. Now, just imagine what it would look like if the “green” areas were on the bottom with the yellow and red areas on the top. I’m sure that most parents would have a more concerned attitude and be demanding answers from an administration that has been in place for the last two years as scores continued to see little or no improvement.

ISAT Trends 2010 - 2012
ISAT Trends 2010 – 2012

Wouldn’t it be nice to see the administrators stand up in front and say to the parents “We’re sorry we have let many of you and your children down. Our current plan is not working but we are now making some positive changes that we hope will turn things around in order to regain your faith and trust in us.”

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  • Jackie

    I am never able to attend because I go to school on those days, but how/where are the responsible people getting their info on how to improve Round Lake schools? Is there data to back it up? Or is this a guessing game? Are there any suggestions from parents being taken into consideration, or have they asked us for our opinion? I’ve been at the HS in Libertyville and it is amazing. There are 2 teachers per class, there is ALWAYS extra help, always. If students fail there, then it is because of laziness. Teachers are always wanting to help. Constant communication between teachers and parents. Instead of asking for money to build a health care center, why not use that money to get more help. I understand that RL and Libertyville are different, but it shouldn’t be looked at that way. Yes, parents need to step up in their children’s education, but it is also the schools responsibility. If we can’t help them do their homework, the staff in RL should. We are all responsible.

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