Round Lake Schools Learned From Their Past!

With control being returned to the local School Board after eight long years of being a State run District, the one thing our local Board members have learned is NOT to get back in that same sorry situation. Just like almost every other District our elected officials have a responsibility to operate under a balanced budget and if that requires cuts to be made, so be it. With State funding being cut it only makes sense that more belt-tightening will be needed locally. This is no reflection on the current board, it is simply reality that we all have to understand. It’s no different than running your own household on a smaller budget, you make cuts wherever you can to keep from going deeper in debt.

Some of the cuts being suggested are eliminating 18 non-certified staff members, ten classroom teachers would be eliminated, and supplies and materials would be reduced, along with reductions in purchased services such as lawyers, etc. These cost cutting measures totalling nearly $4 million is all being done to reduce a projected 2010-2011 deficit.

In other news the School board announced an opening on the Board due to the resignation of Guy Finley. Eligible candidates must live in the District for the past year, be a registered voter, and submit their letter of interest by March 19th. No reason was given for Finley’s resignation.

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