Round Lake to SWALCO: “Not In My Backyard!”

Round Lake Village Board Unanimously Opposes Waste Transfer Station

On April 1, 2013, the Village of Round Lake held their Regular Board Meeting followed immediately by their Committee of the Whole meeting. At both meetings the Groot Industries waste transfer station was on the agenda and both Trustees and the general public weighed in with their respective opinions. A carry-over from their last meeting was to discuss and agree to take action, as a Board, on SWALCO’s Host Agreement for the Groot Industries waste transfer station. After much discussion the vote was unanimous to inform SWALCO (as well as Groot) that the Village of Round Lake was opposed to the proposed waste transfer station in neighboring Round Lake Park. In other words “Don’t build it in my backyard!”

Mayoral Candidate Daniel MacGillis
Mayoral Candidate Daniel MacGillis

During the public comment portion of the meeting many spoke out against the proposed waste transfer site as they did at the previous meeting. Mayoral candidate Daniel MacGillis also criticized Mayor Dietz for chastising Trustee Triphahn for earlier remarks she had made about the waste transfer station when little was known by her or the Board about the breadth of the proposal.

Other discussion centered around trying to solve the ongoing problem of keeping residents informed. Several mentioned that they were first made aware of the waste transfer station as well as the demolition debris site only recently, often by word of mouth. It was pointed out by the Board that the village site is a good source of information but several in the audience had to ask what the domain name was. News also goes out with the water bills but those on well water said that they don’t receive that information. The general consensus was to look into better ways to reach all the residents on a regular basis.

There were no reports from the Village Administrator, Finance/Treasurer, Public Works, or the Police Department at either meeting. The “Committee of the Whole” meeting consisted of almost the same discussions. The public was allowed adequate time for their input, often speaking up during motion debate, but Mayor Dietz was very accommodating and did not gavel them off. Kudos to all who participated in an orderly fashion over something they felt very strongly about.

The first video below is the one hour and twenty minute Regular Village Board meeting followed by the half-hour “Committee of the Whole” meeting. ENJOY!
YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image

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