Rush Limbaugh Discusses Joe Walsh With Constituent

Below is a video put together by Andrew Gasser, a Joe Walsh supporter traveling on the road, who was able to get through to Rush Limbaugh on the air and talk about Joe’s latest outburst while holding a “Cup of Joe” in Gurnee that I had videotaped. I came across this video and felt it was worth passing along since there has been so much negativity against Joe Walsh, especially since the Gurnee video went viral. Listen to what Rush and Andrew had to say below:

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This is what was included by Andrew in the description of his video:
“This is my conversation with Rush Limbaugh over Congressman Joe Walsh’s explanation to a misguided constituent. As you can see Rush and I agree that Joe did the right thing.

We need more Joe Walsh’s in congress. I hope we all can find more candidates like him. He is fearless and is obviously, not afraid to speak his mind.”

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