Yingling to Cole: Stop Unfunded Legislative Scholarship Program

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yingling Renews Call for Cole to Stop Unfunded Mandate, Put Taxpayers First

Sam Yingling, Candidate for State Representative
Sam Yingling, Candidate for State Representative

Round Lake Beach – Today, Senate Republican leader, Christine Radogno, announced that all members of the Republican Caucus would be opting out of the controversial Legislative Scholarship Program. This follows last week’s public call by Sam Yingling on his opponent, Sandy Cole, to immediately suspend her participation in the program.

In light of Radogno’s announcement, combined with fact that dozens of legislators, from both political parties, have recently opted out, Yingling renews his call that Cole put the taxpayers first and stop this unfunded mandate that even the State Board of Education wants eliminated.

Yingling, who is an outspoken critic of government spending and, as the Supervisor of Avon Township, has reduced taxes, cut spending, and returned salary. He has done this while expanding services that the Township offers. He was compelled to call-out Cole because she had voted to repeal the Legislative Scholarship program in 2010 (House Bill 4685) but has continued to participate.

“Cole practices pure hypocrisy,” said Yingling, “Our constituents need to know that we do what we say, that we keep our promises. Cole has a pattern of saying one thing in the district and doing the opposite in Springfield. This is one of the key reasons I’m running.”


The Better Government Association and CBS did a story about pension abuse from private organizations that are collecting public pensions, titled “Lobbyists Drawing Lucrative Pensions Partially Paid By Taxpayers“.  Candidate Sam Yingling was asked for an interview which can be viewed HERE

More information on Sam Yingling can be found on his website at www.SamYingling.com by clicking on the ‘SAM!’ tab.

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