Santa Lights Up Round Lake’s Christmas Tree

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With no snow in sight to land his sleigh, Santa once again had to rely on the Greater Round Lake Fire Department to get him to Round Lake’s Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on time Friday night.

While local students sang Christmas carols, Santa arrived in the dark behind the crowd who had gathered on a fairly mild evening to see the main tree lit up. I was able to catch a shot of Santa exiting the big red fire truck and immediately be greeted by children shouting out his name. Santa then walked through the crowd along with Round Lake Mayor Jim Dietz and with the help of everyone, the countdown began. Santa then flipped the main switch that lit up Round Lake Village’s Christmas Tree.

Round Lake's Mayor Jim Dietz found time to whisper his Holiday wishes in Santa's ear.
Round Lake’s Mayor Jim Dietz found time to whisper his Holiday wishes in Santa’s ear.

Santa then went into the Village Hall to pose for photos with excited children of all ages. Hay rides were available as well as hot chocolate, cookies, and other treats. The Round Lake area Princesses, who have helped out at so many other events, assisted in handing out the goodies as well as assisting Village Clerk, Joyce Swieton, as Santa’s helpers.

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