Save-A-Pet Annual Kitten Shower May 7th

Kittens love to play with each other
Kittens love playing with each other.


This coming Saturday, May 7th, will be Save-A-Pet’s 12th Annual Kitten Shower from noon to 2:00 PM at their Grayslake facility on Fairfield Rd.. This 2-hour event will feature guest speakers, games, crafts, food & refreshments.

Volunteers and staff will answer questions about the care of newborn kittens and what special needs are required for them. Since kittens, in their early stages of development, require a much quieter atmosphere than the kennel, foster care is very important to Save-A-Pet.

Greg Alloian, Save-A-Pet Board President, stated in his news release that “Kitten season is always very exciting and that staff and volunteers always love seeing the little (kittens) faces and their little paws”


Consider being a foster home during the early stages of a kittens life
Consider being a foster home during the early stages of a kittens life
Kittens love a warm spot
Kittens love a warm quiet spot

With kitten season approaching, the needs and supplies at Save-A-Pet will be strained. Supplies such as Friskies canned cat food, pine litter, kitten nursing bottles, kitten food, microwaveable heat discs such as the Snuggle Safes, and other kitten related items will help with the incoming kittens from foster care. Save-A-Pet’s wish list is online at   For those who can’t attend the Shower, supplies can be shipped or dropped off at their location at 31664 N. Fairfield Road, Grayslake, IL. 60030.

The kittens quickly adapted to using the litter box after seeing Mama Cat using it
The kittens quickly adapted to using the litter pan

Our first experience with a litter of kittens was so rewarding. Mamma cat, a pregnant stray, had her litter one night in a cardboard box in an unused bedroom. The box absorbed all of the birthing liquids and Mamma Kitty had already moved the kittens to a safer place under a dresser. We immediately closed the door to keep her from carrying any of them elsewhere while we prepared our large room with tiled floors and walls for her and her brood over the next several weeks. Once relocated in the bigger room and with a new covered box, she became a perfect mommy even though she was only a kitten herself. Seldom did she leave her kittens except to eat and if any of them let out even the tiniest whimper, she went running back into the box. Watching them develop and eventually climbing over the ledge to get out of the box was so rewarding. They soon learned how to use the litter pan after seeing Mama cat using it. I found homes for Mamma cat and all four kittens and also adopted the old Tomcat a few winters ago when his arthritis was causing him to limp badly.

Please support Save-A-Pet with a donation or adopting a pet

For anyone interested in learning more about kitten care, becoming a foster home, donating to help keep Save-A-Pet open, or better yet, adopting a pet, be sure to mark your calendar for this great community event.

Grayslake, IL. 60030

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