Save Lives By Clearing Snow From Hydrants

If you are like me and have a fire hydrant on your property, it has been advised by our local fire departments and village officials that we clear the snow away from them. With many buried by the snowplows, along with the freezing temperatures, just imagine the time that can be saved if the hydrant needs to be used to fight a fire. With temperatures dipping below zero for the next few days, furnaces will have additional strain on them. You or your neighbors may even be using plug-in electric heaters or other sources to heat older homes. This puts a tremendous amount of added strain on household electrical systems along with overloaded electrical outlets. Let’s all be safe and make it through this arctic blast by clearing the snow from around the fire hydrants.

Fire officials and local governments ask that you clear snow away from nearby fireplugs.
Doing so could save valuable time, lives, and property.
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