See That Yellow Ribbon On My Dog’s Leash?

Some dogs need space!
Some dogs need space!
Do you know what a yellow ribbon or some other type of yellow marker means when it is on a dog’s leash? A friend of mine on Facebook pointed this out in a posting that I thought was worth sharing here. One Facebook site that is promoting this idea tries to reunite lost, missing, and stolen pit bulls with their owners. People have been posting photos of missing pit bulls along with their last known location and you might happen to be in that area. There are also postings of dogs that need homes since no one has come forward to claim them. You can read more on their Facebook page

If you have a dog, even if it’s not a pit bull, that is a bit aggressive or does not like other dogs being close to it, you might want to consider adding a Yellow Ribbon to your leash. Then, educate people on what it means as they approach you with or without a dog, I have a neighbor who was fined when his pit bull bit a passerby AFTER they had passed each other on the sidewalk. This movement is working to spread the word that any dog with a yellow ribbon / tie on its leash means that it needs space. Help spread the word on this great idea.

Be aware of what a "Yellow Ribbon" means on the leash of a dog
Be aware of what a “Yellow Ribbon” means on the leash of a dog

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