Time To Send Superintendent Correll Packing?

According to an article in today’s Daily Herald, the newly elected District 46 Board members may be the ones deciding the fate of their school superintendent, Ellen Correll.

Board president, Mary F. Garcia, who lost her bid for reelection, is recommending that the superintendent’s contract extension be voted on by the incoming Board. Their first meeting would be May 3rd but according to the article, newcomers Shannon Smigielski and Kip Evans stated that they would be unable to vote that soon without doing some researching and reviewing first. They have asked that the vote be delayed to at least May 18th to give them time to make an informed decision.

We had posted back on Dec 10th about Superintendent Ellen Correll’s decision to give $435,000 of the $733,028 received in stimulus money to the teachers and administrators, telling them that it was “extremely important to share this money with you”. Until this information was obtained by the Daily Herald, the topic was not expected to be discussed and was simply ‘slipping’ through the cracks of the cash strapped District.

Diane Elfering, President of the Grayslake Federation of Teachers union, chimed in at the time justifying the bonuses but preferred to call them ‘Thank Yous” instead. She even went so far as to say “It’s a thank you from Ellen (Correll) and from the Board….”

The vote would be to extend Superintendent Ellen Correll’s current contract for an additional year through June 2013.

With so little disrespect for the taxpayer’s money, should Superintendent Ellen Correll be sent packing instead? According to reports, the bonus that the teachers received pushed their pay increase above the percent increase that the teachers union was denied.

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