Several Ways to Prevent Basement Flooding

There are few things quite as irritating as a flooded basement. In fact, for many, a flooded basement ceases to be irritating and becomes downright catastrophic. Preventing basement flooding and water damage is a complicated subject, but one that must be understood if you wish to keep your basement in good condition and your valuables intact.

The first thing to consider is whether your basement is susceptible to moisture and flooding. If you live in a dry climate well above the water table, congratulations, you are probably safe. If, however, you live in a very damp, moist climate, or are very close to the local water table, basement flooding is something you will have to content with.

One of the most common ways of preventing basement flooding is by means of a sump pump. These are pumps that take any water that is accumulating beneath the floor of the basement and pumps it out so that your basement does not flood.

This is all well and good, but many times basement flooding occurs because of sump pump failure or a power outage. In this instance, the water will collect in your basement causing it to flood. To prevent this, a back up sump pump should be utilized. These come in battery and water operated varieties. Both can help save your basement from flooding, and are therefore highly recommended.

Another way to keep your basement from flooding is to make sure that it stays waterproof. This will stop rain and runoff water from coming in from the outside. Basement waterproofing is mostly a matter of identifying ways water can get into your basement and either sealing them off or diverting the flow somewhere else. This takes a lot of time and care, but the results could save you a lot of trouble with basement water in the future.

So, I think you can see that keeping water out of your basement isn’t an easy task. There are contractors out there to help you complete many of these steps, but much of it can be done yourself. Best of luck with protecting your basement.

Looking to learn more about preventing basement flooding? Visit these sites to learn more about sump pumps and basement waterproofing.
Contributor: Lance Mattingly

Here is another easy step that might keep your basemnt from flooding during heavy downpours:

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