Shameful Illinois Republican State Senators

National DREAM Act ~ 2 Years of Free College and Military Training Included!
National DREAM Act ~ 2 Years of Free College and Military Training Included!

(Press Release from the Palatine Tea Party)

Palatine, Illinois) – It is a sad day in Illinois when 11 Senate Republicans seek the cover of the leftist media over their ill-advised vote. The Illinois Tea Party outrage at the passage of the Illinois Dream Act through the Illinois Senate has now made the Huffington Post.

These 11 Senators spend tax dollars like drunken sailors on shore leave, and once caught try to spin their way out of a problem they created. The Tea Party and its allies in the Illinois know that Illinois is in a financial crisis of epic proportion. 

Once again the Illinois Dream Act is another spending bill that could adversely affect Illinois citizens. It has and will be the job of Tea Parties throughout the state to hold our elected officials accountable. The actions of these 11 Senators will not soon be forgotten.  Many of these 11 call themselves conservatives, yet there is nothing conservative about the Illinois Dream Act.

This is a failure to the citizens of Illinois and these shameful Senators need to be held accountable for their actions. Please keep calling these numbers and keep expressing your contempt at this ill-advised vote.  

Republicans that voted YES are: Althoff, Bomke, Brady, Dillard, Duffy, Tom Johnson, Murphy, Radogno, Sandack, Schmidt, Syverson.


Head of HRO – Kevin Artl – 630-330-2355 – Political Director in the House
Ryan Cudney – 630-290-2677 – Political Director in the Senate who sold us down the river!


Bomke (217-782-0228)
Brady (217-782-6216)
Dillard (217-782-8148)
Duffy (217-782-8010)
Johnson, Tom (217-782-8022)
Murphy (217-782-4471)
Radogno (217-782-9407)
Sandack (217-782-8107)
Schmidt (217-782-7353)
Syverson (217-782-5413)  

“It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.” – George Washington 

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