Short Update on the Round Lake Beach Hardee’s

When I say a short update, that’s what I mean!

Hiring sign at new Hardee's
Hiring sign at new Hardee’s

I stopped by the new restaurant today to see if I could get some information on when it might be opening. There was only one vehicle at the location and they were somewhere inside working with all the doors locked. While I was there I took a photo of the Help Wanted sign on the door for any of you wanting to apply. That would indicate that they are still looking for employees in all areas and they would still need to be trained as well. The “grids” have been removed from all the windows so you can now see inside. More signage, landscaping, and other exterior items have been added since the last time I stopped by. It looks like they still plan to unveil some type of exterior additions on the drive-thru side including the menu once they are ready to officially open.

Sorry I don’t have more information to talk about but enjoy the updated photos!

Front view of new RLB Hardee's
Front view of new RLB Hardee’s
Side view of new RLB Hardee's
Side view of new RLB Hardee’s

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