“Show and Tell” at Magee Middle School

But not the type of “Show and Tell” you might think would be going on at your students school. In this case it was several boys who decided to “show” their private parts to a few female students who in turn decided to “tell” their parents about it. This went much further than what one might think to be considered as “boys will be boys” type of activity. It reportedly happened on more than one occasion which got the boys involved bounced from the District 116 system.

The incidents apparently happened, unbeknown to the teachers and staff, during classroom changes over the last couple of months. Police were not made aware of the situation by the school administrators until one of the students parents contacted them. Once an investigation took place, three boys were charged with disorderly conduct and referred to the Lake County Juvenile Prosecutors Division on March 25th.

Studies have shown that over a third of students between the ages of 11 and 18 years old have experienced some form of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior while in school. Exposing oneself goes to the extreme according to the studies.

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