Sneak Peek Into Careers for Beach Elementary Students

With notepads in hand, fifth-grade students at Beach Elementary School in Round Lake Beach geared up for an exciting day of learning about careers that may await them one day. On Tuesday, November 22, 2016, Beach School’s gymnasium was set up in “job-fair” fashion, with representatives placed at individual stations providing information about their current career. Students had an opportunity to meet with engineers, a scientist, salesmen, interior decorator, biologist, actor, nurse, business owners, Army veteran, stay at home mom, banker, musician and more!

Conversations included descriptions of the career and daily responsibilities, why the career path was chosen, the amount of schooling required, benefits (both emotionally and financially), the interview process, and how many hours are worked each day.

“This is an excellent opportunity for our kids to be exposed to a variety of real-world careers. The conversations that took place during this event will be key to helping to develop a sense of which career/educational path our fifth graders may decide to take. I would like to thank our 5th-grade team for organizing such an outstanding day for kids and all of the career volunteers that joined us today”, said Beach Principal, Dr. Denise Wilcox.

The fifth-grade team consisted of teachers Rachael Loth, Cathy Lee, Katie Horn, Amanda Fleege, and Kristen Bischoff.

Some of the career volunteers were Scott Loth, insurance salesman; Colin M., Wintrust Bank; Mark B., businessman from Essendant, Rosy C. and Rick D, engineers and graphic designers from Abbott; Mr. Fleege, scientist; SSG Veronica Brown, U.S. Army recruiter; Mrs. Lupo, dental assistant; Mrs. Fowler, stay-at-home mom; Jack Kopelman, musician; Ms. Hill, nurse; Maria Loth, interior decorator; “Reason”, professional actor/singer also works for McDonald’s; Detective Kariann Hill and Deputy Chief Michael Scott, Round Lake Beach Police Department; and Steven, Greater Round Lake Area Fire Department.

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