Snow Removal Continues Throughout Our Area

With the weather predicted to get up into the 40’s in the next several days, local villages are still busy widening streets and intersections as well as clearing sidewalks. The other day it was reported that a young person was struck and killed walking in the street so this may have spurred the added effort to clear sidewalks. Another article showed convicted individuals clearing around fire hydrants as part of their work release.

Thursday, I saw the local village clearing the snow where the BIG red X had been sprayed to open up a path from the street to the hydrant I had shoveled around. Then, later on that day, they showed up with the mini-snow blower and cleared the sidewalks. A large rig worked in tandem to clear away the huge packed mounds at the intersections that the mini-blower couldn’t break through.

With the help of a large front end loader
the smaller snow blower was able to clear the sidewalks for pedestrian traffic.

Fire hydrant is now easily accessible and sidewalks have been cleared

I told them it was OK to pile snow in front of two bays not being used during the winter
That snow will probably still be there until the end of March!

The little stray that I took in just before the storm loves looking out the window
and already has visions of going back outside once it gets warmer

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