Spoofed Email is NOT From District116.org

Spoofed email is NOT from District116.org
Spoofed email is NOT from District116.org

It happens to many of us. Our email gets ‘spoofed’ and emails go out showing us as the ‘Sender’ when in fact it was not sent by us. Below is an email I received from ‘myself’ today and if You get one like it please disregard it. The hyperlink was actually the same as what was displayed but WHY would anyone be taking a 2010 census now? Once again, if you receive this email it is NOT from this website/blog so simply delete it!


From: Comments@District116.org
Subject: United States Census – Be Sure You Are Included!

Most households received a mailing recently announcing the forthcoming census form that would be arriving. In order for residents of District 116 to get their full share of State and Federal funds, it is VERY important that you take the time to fill it out and mail it back. The information that you provide is strictly confidential and is not shared with any other organizations including the federal, state, local agencies or the immigration department. So, whatever your current status is as far as citizenship DO NOT be afraid to fill out the form. It can only HELP District 116 gain badly needed revenue for our schools, roads, transportation, etc.

It’s a very simple questionnaire that will only take a few minutes to fill out. By doing so, no one will come to your house.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that you complete and mail this form back. Do not sit it aside to fill out later since doing so usually means it never gets done. If you are at work when the census takers stop by, they may only have limited information on you and your family gained from your neighbors.

Click HERE (see below) to view the census form that you will be receiving



(the link went to http://2010.census.gov/2010census/how/interactive-form.php but I would not suggest clicking on it)

UPDATE 12-22-11: It does appear as though my WordPress blog is sending these out due to a recent update to one of my widget add-ons. Hopefully I was the only one receiving them (they are older posts that I had written). So far I still receive about one per day and am still working on solving the problem.

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