Still No Decision On Hainesville Police Dept.

With Mayor Soto wanting a decision on whether to keep the local police force or contract the services out by the end of March, the initiative was delayed at Tuesday’s Board meeting. Instead, more discussion will take place at a committee meeting on March 30th with the hope of having a final vote somewhere around April 13th.

The earlier census of the residents back in January was to contract the patrolling out to either the County, Grayslake, or Round Lake Park (who they teamed up with in the past until a dispute arose over cost increases). But since that time, and with residents voicing concerns at the February meeting, the mood has changed in favor of retaining the local police department. Still, the trustees will weigh the upcoming presentations from both Grayslake and the County before making a final decision. The two entities quotes are almost identical but Round Lake Park is about $200,000 less per year. There seems to still be some bad blood between the two villages so even with the cost savings don’t look for Round Lake Park to be selected. Another option being looked into is current buildings that may be available as well as erecting a lower cost metal building.

Maybe the solution is to go back to becoming known as the local speed trap that they were famous for in the past. I can remember when they had a former State trooper on the force who knew how to weigh the big rigs and hardly a day passed that you didn’t see several 18 wheelers up on the portable scales feeding heavy fines into the local coffers.

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