Suburban Mom Offers Free Drug Testing Kits to Parents

In the wake of the Stevenson High School investigation regarding drugs being marketed via cell phones, the Daily Herald ran a short article about free drug testing kits available to parents.

Nicholas' Gift of Hope Foundation
Nicholas' Gift of Hope Foundation

Columnist, Jamie Sotonoff, reported that free kits are available from a mother who lost her son to a heroin overdose back in 2007. Chrystal O’Halloran mails out free drug testing kits as part of her effort to educate other parents about drug problems. She has teamed up with a California medical supplier and ships out the kits directly so that no information is made available to anyone else but her Foundation, “Nicholas’ Gift of Hope”. She stated in the article

Maybe they’ll (parents) feel more comfortable getting it this way than having to walk into Walgreen’s. No one sees the info but me. It’s mailed and done. 

This is a noble cause worth passing along. If you would like more information or would like to donate to the Foundation to help defray costs, please visit her website at:

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