Sunset Drive is One of the First to Get New Asphalt

Traffic Pattern Changing on Sunset Drive:

New asphalt gets installed on Sunset Dr
New asphalt gets installed on Sunset Dr

UPDATE: 5-21-14

Starting mid-morning Wednesday (5/21), the south bound traffic lane will be shifted onto the new pavement.  North bound traffic will stay on the old pavement but will be shifted away from the curb.

The contractor will be working on curb removal and replacement on the east side of the street beginning today.

Please pay attention to the new traffic pattern and drive carefully.


Now that the asphalt plants have opened it didn’t take long for some to begin arriving on Sunset Drive in Round Lake. As part of a major improvement of Hart Road and Sunset Drive in Round Lake’s industrial area, it was a welcome sight for motorists who use these streets on a regular basis. Since the layer of asphalt falls short of reaching the edge of the new curbing we can only assume that this is just the first layer. The Round Lake School District issued the following announcement which indicates that the east side will get an initial layer and then the final layer will be added, thus giving it a nice seam as they are joined.

“Due to road construction on Sunset Dr, access to the Round Lake High School campus will be closed until further notice beginning Wednesday, May 21. Parents dropping off/picking up students as well as staff and visitors will need to enter/exit via Rosedale Ct off of Cedar Lake Rd.”

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