T-Mobile Petitioning For A Telecommunication Facility

UPDATE 10-9-11: We were informed by Trustee Larry Mount that T-Mobile has rescinded their request and it will not be on Thursday’s agenda.

Residents in an area bounded by Clarendon, Hawthorne, Ardmore, and Round Lake Drive were recently sent a registered letter informing them of a Public Hearing whereby T-Mobile has filed a petition with the Village of Round Lake Beach for a special use permit and variation.

Proposed location for a T-Mobile telecommunication facility
Proposed location for a T-Mobile telecommunication facility

The registered letter goes on to say:

For the purpose of establishment and operation of a personal wireless telecommunication facility located within the Commonwealth Edison right of way between Round Lake Drive and Ardmore drive.

Comments from the public will be heard at the following hearing:

Date: October 13th, 2011
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: Village Hall, 1937 Municipal Way, Round Lake Beach, IL. 60073

(signed by: Michael Howley, Insite RE (R.L. ComEd), Oakbrook, IL.)

Public Hearing sign posted by T-Mobile
Public Hearing sign posted by T-Mobile

Since most of the residents that will be impacted may have very little knowledge of the effects of having a telecommunication facility in their backyard, I urge anyone with first hand knowledge to attend the hearing or add your comments here. The properties located near the proposed facility are already within eyesight of huge ComEd towers but many enjoy having the open space and walking paths behind their homes. It is always well maintained and you will often see children playing various sports out in the open fields. ComEd has been extremely good at educating the public on the amount of electromagnetic fields (EMF) being given off by the high-tension wires. They will come to your house with meters showing you that the amount of EMF from the lines is far less than the amount coming from your clock radio beside your bed. A high EMF reading is created by excessive amounts of current being sent through a wire resulting in energy loss. Thus a high EMF reading would mean that ComEd is losing too much current (leakage). Rather than have that happening, ComEd would install additional lines to handle the added load.

Here is an article (link) written several years ago regarding another T-Mobile tower installation titled “The Menace of Cell Phone Towers” that describes the symptoms that the writer and family members came down with along with the comment “The EMF (electro-magnetic field) level was so high that we risked permanent DNA damage.” ComEd can add additional power lines to reduce the EMF but how does a cellular transmission tower go about reducing it?

I plan to be at this meeting asking questions and will post comments along with a video the following day. Hope to see you there as well.

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