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Rep. Walsh Grilled About Signing “Anti-Tax Pledge”

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While most of us were enjoying the long Thanksgiving weekend and doing some Black Friday shopping, Congressman Joe Walsh was busy holding Town Hall and Cup of Joe meetings. I was able to squeeze in two of his Town Hall meetings held at Dock's Restaurant in Wauconda on November 22nd and at the Woodstock VFW Hall in Woodstock on November 26th. One topic that came up at the Saturday, Woodstock meeting was the Grover Norquist "Taxpayer Anti-Tax Pledge". You can view this short portion in the following video: Hide YouTube Video Controls Code x.i i, .i {display:none;} div.xiiiYouTube {width:552px; height:430px !important; overflow:hidden; border:0px hotpink dashed; position:relative; top:0px;} object.xiiiYouTube {position:absolute; clip: rect(1px, 552px, 430px, 1px)} ...

Congressman Walsh ~ “Occupy” Protesters are CLUELESS!

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Congressman Joe Walsh held another Town Hall meeting Saturday, November 19th, at the Warren Township Center and fielded questions from a packed house of almost a hundred residents. There were several protesters outside with signs saying "Hands of Medicare and Social Security" Walsh's ability to still pack them in at these Town Hall meetings and his "Cup of Joe with Joe" meetings is almost uncanny. While other Congressman cringe at the thought of having to hold town hall meetings, Walsh seems to flourish in them. After his rundown on what is happening in Washington and with the redistricting map, Walsh opened the meeting up to questions from the audience. One of the hot topics brought up was regarding the "Occupy Wall Street" movement. The video below shows Walsh's feelings about the moveme...

Rush Limbaugh Discusses Joe Walsh With Constituent

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Below is a video put together by Andrew Gasser, a Joe Walsh supporter traveling on the road, who was able to get through to Rush Limbaugh on the air and talk about Joe's latest outburst while holding a "Cup of Joe" in Gurnee that I had videotaped. I came across this video and felt it was worth passing along since there has been so much negativity against Joe Walsh, especially since the Gurnee video went viral. Listen to what Rush and Andrew had to say below: Hide YouTube Video Controls Code x.i i, .i {display:none;} div.xiiiYouTube {width:552px; height:430px !important; overflow:hidden; border:0px hotpink dashed; position:relative; top:0px;} object.xiiiYouTube {position:absolute; clip: rect(1px, 552px, 430px, 1px)} END code to remove Video Controls ...

Huffington Post Ignores Request to Remove Hijacked Video

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UPDATE 11-11-11:  The Huffington Post has removed the hijacked video from HERE and HERE and included a link to my full 50 minute video of Joe Walsh's "Cup of Joe with Joe Walsh" held in Gurnee November 6th that is getting so much attention in the press. Late this afternoon I also received a very nice follow-up from them to make sure I was aware of the changes that they had made. Of the ten (that I am aware of) pirated videos two have shut theirs down and about half of the remaining ones are now displaying a visual credit in theirs. Friday I supplied the Huffington Post with a short 3-minute version to satisfy their readers interest and help cut down on the video piracy. That copyright embedded video now appears in both articles. I appreciate the Huffington Post's willingness to elimina

Rep. Joe Walsh: DON’T Blame Banks and Marketplace

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Congressman Joe Walsh held yet another one of his "Cup of Joe" meetings Sunday, November 6th at UNO Chicago Bar & Grill in Gurnee. This was one of the more lively meetings that I have attended with almost everyone joining in on the conversation. Quite a bit of the meeting was taken up by a retired postal worker and a supporter who were against the proposed idea of closing the post offices and eliminating delivery on Saturdays. When the topic of the proposed merger of AT&T and T-Mobile was brought up, Walsh was almost livid over the idea that government should have any involvement at all. His feelings are that the marketplace will decide whether to do business with these companies and either lead to their success or failure without government involvement. Below is a video that covers abo...

A “Cup of Joe” With Joe Walsh in Grayslake

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Saturday, September 10, 2011, Congressman Joe Walsh held another one of his "Cup of Joe with Joe" get togethers at the Last Chance Saloon in Grayslake. These smaller, informal meetings are nothing like his typical town hall meetings. About the only thing that is missing is a fireplace with some burning logs as he sits casually with about two dozen constituents and talks about the latest events happening in Washington. The "Cup of Joe with Joe" meetings are open to all questions from anyone in attendance and can sometimes get a bit testy. At this meeting a union carpenter named Rodney was quite vocal about free-trade agreements and recommending Americans buy products made in the USA. At the end of the video you will see that Walsh and Rodney were still friends even if their views on free tr...