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Melissa Bean To Head Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?

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That's a good possibility as reported by Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake.com According to Hamsher "Buzz on Friday had Rep. Melissa Bean (D-Ill.) possibly getting tapped as the first Consumer Financial Protection Bureau head depending on the outcome of her too-close-to-call reelection race, in which Republican Joe Walsh maintained a slight lead as of Sunday afternoon. But a possible Bean nomination is not sitting well with reformers on the left who say the moderate Illinois congresswoman is far too close to the banking industry. Said one administration official: “It’s not clear she would be acceptable to the reformers" Read the entire FireDogLake story HERE Melissa Bean heading to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? Maybe Melissa Bean won't be crying in her beer if v

Mainstream Media Can’t Get Enough of Joe Walsh, NOW!

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While being totally overlooked by mainstream media giants and television outlets, they can't seem to get enough of Joe Walsh now! Sensing a possible upset brewing in the 8th Congressional District, they finally decided to send reporters to his "Retire Melissa Bean" victory party Tuesday evening. These were the same media outlets whose editors had endorsed Melissa Bean, writing Joe Walsh off as an also-ran. Polls, other the WeAskAmerica were showing Bean winning in a landslide, only to be totally wrong. What they lacked was someone on the ground reporting from the trenches, getting the vibrations coming from voters all over the District. As someone who covered many of his town hall meetings and debates, I can tell you that the momentum was building each and every day, yet the mainstream med

RNC Sent In To Oversee Walsh Bean Final Counts

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A spokesperson at Joe Walsh For Congress headquarters just informed me that of the six precincts that were still unreported, one of them has a 'stuck' memory stick in the tabulating machine. Further, the Republican National Committee has sent a team to preserve the integrity of the results. Currently Walsh is still leading by close to 800 votes (1:30 PM). A group of Walsh supporters at his victory rally   Walsh supporters watch big screens as Republicans take over the Congressional House   Walsh supporters enjoying food and drink while waiting on race results   A packed house at Joe Walsh victory celebration in Wauconda   Nick Provenzano announces voter results throughout the night  

Walsh Leads Bean In District 8 Squeaker

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Challenger Joe Walsh arrived at his "Retire Melissa Bean" victory party around 11:45 and thanked all the Walsh Warriors and supporters with the hope of maintaining his slim lead over Melissa Bean. Joe Walsh and wife Helene arrive to greet his supporters Walsh had lead the race by a slim margin, usually less than a 1,000 votes, from around 9:00 PM and as of 1:00 AM still held a slim 730 vote lead. The final determination on who won this race, which was generally ignored as being a solid Bean win, may not become known until the 20,000 plus absentee ballots are counted. This could take up to 14 days which is the maximum allowed time. We will post more on Wednesday after some much needed sleep!

Walsh Leading Bean 49% to 46% in Latest Poll

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In the latest poll taken by WeAskAmerica Congressional District 8 challenger, Republican Joe Walsh, leads incumbent Congresswoman Melissa Bean 48.72% to 45.74%. Green Party candidate Bill Scheurer moved his percentage up to 5.54%. The poll has an error factor of around 3%. The latest poll also shows Republicans sweeping to victory in Illinois Districts 10,11,14, and 17. Quoted from WeAskAmerica: "The most intriguing result to us Illinois 8. Since 2004, Democrat Melissa Bean has repeatedly proved to be a winner in this district which many consider to be the most Republican-leaning area from the last redistricting. Bean defeated beleaguered Congressman Phil Crane to win the seat, and has held on since.  This time out she ran a late, but aggressive and expensive campaign against Repu

Melissa Bean Signs Appear With A Message

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Motorist traveling through Congressional District 8 may be hard pressed to spot any of Congresswoman Melissa Bean's signs, whether large or small.  There will always be the accusations that the other party is stealing them but you have to ask yourself.......... "So Many?" If there were as many Bean signs out there as there are challenger Joe Walsh signs, how could they get away with stealing THAT many signs without being caught or photographed? Yesterday about four small Bean signs were spotted at the intersection of Rt. 83 and Rollins Rd. But to prove the allegations wrong, that they are being stolen, someone has put up even BIGGER signs behind her signs asking "Where Are You?" (undoubtedly due to her lack of public appearances lately or at invitation-only meetings).     Yet another