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Did Rep. Walsh Actually Apologize to Melissa?

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I have read on several occasions that Melissa Rakestraw, the District 8 constituent who went toe-to-toe with Congressman Joe Walsh on November 6th, wished that I had kept the camera rolling after the meeting so viewers could hear what Walsh said to her after the meeting. Just when I thought this story had lost its legs, we read in today's Daily Herald an article by reporter Kerry Lester quoting Melissa as saying: He never said, 'I'm sorry'" "(He) came up and talked to me face to face. He did thank me for coming." I went back and reviewed the last few minutes of my vidotape and clipped the last portion so that viewers could decide for themselves. Since Walsh had his back to the camera, the audio is a challenge to make out but I will let you decide what it is that he said. The...

Rep. Joe Walsh: DON’T Blame Banks and Marketplace

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Congressman Joe Walsh held yet another one of his "Cup of Joe" meetings Sunday, November 6th at UNO Chicago Bar & Grill in Gurnee. This was one of the more lively meetings that I have attended with almost everyone joining in on the conversation. Quite a bit of the meeting was taken up by a retired postal worker and a supporter who were against the proposed idea of closing the post offices and eliminating delivery on Saturdays. When the topic of the proposed merger of AT&T and T-Mobile was brought up, Walsh was almost livid over the idea that government should have any involvement at all. His feelings are that the marketplace will decide whether to do business with these companies and either lead to their success or failure without government involvement. Below is a video that covers abo...