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Rep. Cole’s Health & Wellness Fair Well Attended

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Although I wasn't able to arrive at Sandy Cole's "Women & Senior Health & Wellness Fair" until it was about over. I was surprised to see the parking lot almost filled to capacity. The people that I talked to were very pleased with many saying that they wished that they had arrived earlier themselves since there was so much to see and absorb. One gentleman told me that he went home to get his wife only to return to a long line waiting for free or reduced flu shots (compliments of the local Walgreen's store) as well as glucose and cholesterol screening. The entire room was filled with participants with the most tables I have ever seen set up in this area. Cole told me that someone at the State level plans and organizes these events and starts out asking not-for-profit organizations t...

State Rep Sandy Cole Has A Pain in the Butt!

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FORGET THE BUDGET CRISIS, SANDY COLE NEEDS A NEW CHAIR Representative Sandy Cole is giving me enough material to start a weekly column. You may remember that I wrote about Cole spending years disavowing the controversial Legislative Scholarship Program but had the audacity to keep doling-out the prized perk. It took my writing the story and two separate petitions before she joined every other legislator in the area and withdrew. Then there was Cole introducing what became known as “the unethical ethics legislation.” Cole, who does nothing in the 62nd district and even less in Springfield, wasted our tax dollars on a political ploy. But the most recent Cole debacle is, in many ways, the most disturbing. It’s a sad metaphor for politicians putting their selfish needs and comfort f

Motive Behind HB4965 Sponsored by Sandy Cole

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Is Illinois Representative Sandy Cole simply politicking at tax payers expense? After reading HB4965 I couldn't help but think that the bill is nothing more than a political jab at her upcoming opponent, Avon Township Supervisor Sam Yingling. SYNOPSIS OF HB4965 AS INTRODUCED: 60 ILCS 1/55-70 new Amends the Township Code. Provides that after the effective date of the amendatory Act, in any township that is the subject of a legal settlement or judgment from a court of law for wrongful discharge of an employee, each officer, member, or employee of that township must complete an ethics training course. Sets forth requirements concerning the standards, frequency, and subject matter of the course. Provides that completion of the program must be certified in writing. Effective immediat...

Embattled Cole Finally Withdraws from Unfunded Tuition Program

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MEDIA RELEASE Tuesday, February 14, 2012 Yingling Credits Petition Drives, Taxpayer Outrage at Hypocrisy Round Lake Beach, IL - It took multiple petition drives, criticism from dozens of elected officials, and a scathing expose’ for Representative Sandy Cole to finally withdraw from the controversial Legislative Scholarship Program that is both an unfunded mandate and the subject of widespread abuse, including ethics violations and FBI inquiries. Cole had voted to eliminate the program but, for years, had continued doling-out the coveted perk. Avon Township Supervisor Sam Yingling, Cole’s opponent for State Representative in the new 62nd District, called for Cole to withdraw from the program after local Representatives Gaffney and Sullivan voluntarily did so and Senate Rep

Sandy Cole “Talks the Talk” But Does She …..

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"Walk the Walk" when it comes to eliminating the unfunded Legislative Scholarship Program? Back on January 23rd I reported about an online petition campaign initiated by Avon Township Supervisor Sam Yingling. The petition urged Cole to join the growing movement against the unfunded Legislative Scholarship Program as Senator Susan Garret, Representative Elaine Nekrtiz, and Representative Karen May had recently done. In response to that post being added to my Facebook page, I received a message from Cole as follows: Thank you for supporting my legislation (as chief co-sponsor) to eliminate the legislative tuition waivers. The Illinois Senate needs to act on the legislation that the House overwhelmingly supported --- I suggest a petition drive addressed to Democrat Senate President Jo

Yingling Launches On-line Petition: www.StopSandy.com

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PRESS RELEASE Monday, January 23, 2012 Yingling Launches On-line Petition Urging Cole to Stop Unfunded Mandate www.StopSandy.com Round Lake Beach- Over the weekend, three more area legislators joined the growing movement against the unfunded Legislative Scholarship Program. Senator Susan Garret, Representative Elaine Nekrtiz, and Representative Karen May have voluntarily opted-out of the controversial program that has been under heavy scrutiny for abuse, and which the State has no ability to pay. This comes at the same time major media outlets have editorialized against continuation of the Program and watchdog groups, like the Better Government Association and the Illinois Policy Institute, have turned-up the heat on legislators who, despite the State’s dire financial distre