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Round Lake to SWALCO: “Not In My Backyard!”

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Round Lake Village Board Unanimously Opposes Waste Transfer Station On April 1, 2013, the Village of Round Lake held their Regular Board Meeting followed immediately by their Committee of the Whole meeting. At both meetings the Groot Industries waste transfer station was on the agenda and both Trustees and the general public weighed in with their respective opinions. A carry-over from their last meeting was to discuss and agree to take action, as a Board, on SWALCO's Host Agreement for the Groot Industries waste transfer station. After much discussion the vote was unanimous to inform SWALCO (as well as Groot) that the Village of Round Lake was opposed to the proposed waste transfer station in neighboring Round Lake Park. In other words "Don't build it in my backyard!" During the public...

Concerns Raised at Round Lake Board Meeting ~ 3-18-13

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SWALCO Makes Pitch For Rate Increase The Village of Round Lake held marathon back-to-back meetings on Monday evening March 18, 2013. Lasting over two and a half hours, the Regular meeting was immediately followed by a "Committee of the Whole". During the regular meeting several residents spoke up during the Public Comment portion. One of them was Michael Blum who is running as a candidate for Trustee on the Mayor's slate. Blum was visibly upset over what he felt was a witch hunt by a current trustee who filed a FOIA request based on a tip that a 911 call was received from his address. Another was a resident, Joan Spilis, who voiced her concerns over the proposed Groot waste transfer station in neighboring Round Lake Park at Rt. 120 and Porter Drive. Another resident, who monitors the la...

Residents Rid Household Chemicals and Old Electronics

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Local residents took advantage of two events on Saturday that allowed them to dispose of their household chemicals as well as their old electronic devices. SWALCO hosted a chemical waste event while at the same time the local Goodwill store hosted their electronic recycling event. Both were well attended as residents came from far away to take advantage of the events. By mid-morning SWALCO had already reported over 400 vehicles had passed through their recycle lanes and by 2:15 close to 700 had driven through. Goodwill was equally as busy with motorists forming a steady stream of cars even as late as 2:30 in the afternoon. Attendants were available at both events to remove items from the vehicles so the lines moved very fast. Hide YouTube Video Controls Code x.i i, .i {display:none...

Household Chemical Waste & Electronics Recycling Events 4/28

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In addition, our local Goodwill Store on Rt. 83 across from Home Depot is having an electronics recycling event the same day as follows: Electronics Recycling Drive - Round Lake Beach - April 28th Location: Goodwill Store & Donation Center - 2051 N. Illinois Rt. 83, Round Lake Beach, IL 60073 Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m Bring your old CPUs, hard drives, towers, printers, keyboards, mice, monitors and cell phones to Goodwill's Electronics Recycling Drive. We'll dispose of them in an eco-friendly and secure way, keeping them out of landfills. Our donation attendants will even help you unload your vehicle. It's easy, convenient and green!

New Electronics Landfill Ban Now In Effect

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Beginning January 1, 2012, the Illinois Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act landfill ban for certain electronic devices took effect. Electronic items such as televisions, monitors, computers and printers are some of the most common items that are no longer allowed in the regular trash. Be aware that if you put these items out by the curb on garbage pick-up days, you will find them still sitting there at the end of the day. If you try to conceal them inside the waste container the recycle police will come and arrest you, plus charge you with a hefty fine. You will recognize them by the outfits they are wearing which are similar to those in the GhostBusters movie. There are many local locations where you can drop off these items in your area. I have listed two of them below for re...

SWALCO: “Where Should My Recycle Stuff Go?”

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Swalco offers a great online guide that answers many of the most frequently asked questions about recycling, with information and resources to help you recycle and properly dispose of assorted unwanted items. When curbside disposal is not an option, or you are looking for recycling or reuse options for unwanted "stuff", refer to Swalco's Recycle Guidefor answers. The following items are an example of what is listed on their online guide: ALUMINUM AND OTHER METALS - APPLIANCES (HOUSEHOLD) - ASBESTOS - AUTOMOBILEs/CARs - AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS INCLUDING MOTOR OIL - AUTOMOTIVE BATTERIES - BABY CAR SEATS - BATTERIES - BICYCLES - BOOKS - BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS - CD, DVDs, VHS, CASSETTE TAPES AND OTHER MEDIA & TECHNO-TRASH - CELL PHONES AND ACCESSORIES - CRAYONS AND CRAYON...