Duckworth “Ducks Out” of American Indian Debate Request

Duckworth calls Walsh's ideas "Crackpot"
Duckworth calls Walsh’s ideas “Crackpot”
This weekend I received the following email invitation to attend and report on the upcoming National Indian American Public Policy Institute (NIAPPI) debate set for tomorrow in Schaumburg. As you can see from the following NIAPPI press release, Democrat Tammy Duckworth has once again “ducked” out of yet another debate with Congressman Joe Walsh. Notice in the release that they are even giving her the upper hand by using a life-long Democrat to ask the questions. How fair is that even if she’s a no show?

General Press Release Oct, 20th, 2012

First Debate in the nation between Congressional Candidates on issues important to Indian Americans
Tammy Duckworth may not show up, but Tea Party Favorite Joe Walsh will face some tough questions…..

IL District 8 is an unusual congressional district in the sense that its population comprises almost 10% Indian Americans, the largest ethnic group in the district. And as such, this fast growing community is visible and exerting itself.

India Tribune, the oldest Indian American newspaper in Chicago in conjunction with National Indian American Public Policy Institute headquartered in the western suburbs of Chicago invited the two contenders to face each other off on issues important to this community.

The debate will take place on October the 23rd, from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Hyatt Regency, 1800 E Golf Road, Schaumburg, IL.

Both candidates were invited to this debate on September 24th, 2012. Congressman Joe Walsh accepted the invitation immediately advising India Tribune and Tammy Duckworth Campaign that he will be flexible on date and location. Despite diligent follow up from India Tribune, Tammy Duckworth has so far declined citing that they have debated four times already, even though no debate so far has even come close to discussing issues important to Indian Americans.

The organizers have continued with the debate planning in the hopes that Ms. Duckworth may change her mind before the time of the debate. If she does not show up, Mr. Walsh will alone answer questions.

In order to be fair, India Tribune and NIAPPI have chosen a life-long Democrat to ask tough questions to both or just one candidate.

All media is invited to cover this event.

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  • The event was a joke. Even though Tammy Duckworth declined the invitation the organizers made a show of pretending to be waiting for her to arrive. Then, contrary to the press release above, Rep. Walsh refused to take any questions.

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