How Taxpayers Can Save $1.5 Billion

This is something that will ONLY require about 10 minutes of your time and you don’t even have to leave home!

I’m talking about the 2010 Census. Yes, according to a census spokesperson, if EVERYONE mailed back their 2010 Census Form, taxpayers would save a whopping $1,500,000,000 (that’s billion!). What could be an easier way to save money without any wrangling by the Republicans and Democrats? And better yet, you don’t even need a $.44 stamp since a postage paid envelope is included. It has been estimated that it will cost $57 per household for a person to arrive at your house, obtain your information, and travel to the next house. Keep in mind that if 2/3 of the residents on a block mail their forms back, a census taker is not simply walking from house to house. A census takers route could entail a large area that requires reimbursed transportation due to the number of scattered homes not submitting their forms.

Let’s try to save this $57/per household amount by getting our forms mailed in promptly. It is something that we will all benefit from.

Every little bit will help since they reported on FOX news tonight that the government had to scrap the PDA’s (touch pad device) they had planned to give the census takers to speed up the reporting (that they spent 600 million dollars on) due to a problem with their functioning. Those were scrapped for a new device costing a total of 3 Billion (that’s right BILLION!) which is giving them problems as well so it appears that after spending $3,600,000,000 the door-to-door census takers will be doing everything with pen and paper.

How many of you know that the U.S. Census Bureau is also spending $1.2 million sponsoring Greg Biffle’s #16 NASCAR Ford Fusion? And that’s JUST for 3-weeks! The car will have the primary sponsor, 3M, on it plus the Census 2010 logo along with the words ‘Mail It Back!” painted on the hood.

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    Do you really want people to read your article? Or even this blog? Your article is informative, yes, but try not to indulge in your own personal political opinions. I’m sure you have your own blog for that and frankly, that’s where it belongs. I would hope this site is to serve ALL people in District 116 for those concerned with the DISTRICT and not as a platform of one person’s personal rant.

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