Temporary Route 83 Bridge Removed 1-16-15

Getting set-up to remove the temporary Rt. 83 bridge
Setting up to remove the temporary Rt. 83 bridge

In the very early hours of Friday morning, the contractor removed the temporary bridge that allowed traffic to flow unrestricted over Rollins Road on Route 83. Once they closed the Rollins Road by-pass it eliminated the ability for drivers to navigate from Rollins to Route 83 and vice-versa.

It took two huge cranes, each with a sling at one end, to lift the bridge off of its concrete ledge and slowly move it onto the temporary Route 83 overpass which is now closed. There it will be disassembled and transported back to ACROW Bridge Mfg.

A lot of people, mostly commuters who don’t use Rollins Road, liked having the bridge since it offered one less traffic light to slow them down. The resident engineer, Mark Molnar, had this to say regarding the bridge: ”

We’ve received several questions over the past few weeks lamenting the loss of the bridge and asking why we’re not building a permanent bridge for IL 83.  I figured there’s a few of you out there who are wondering the same but haven’t asked yet

In summary, a permanent IL 83 bridge over Rollins was explored during the design.  Through computer modeling of traffic at the intersection, it was found that the bridge did not really improve traffic over what we’re building now, but would have cost significantly more.”

The following video shows how the two cranes worked in tandem to slowly move the temporary bridge to its new resting sopt.

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