This Sure Beats ObamaCare!

A story in the Daily Herald reported that an unlicensed assisted-living facility in Gurnee would be offering an extraordinary EIGHT staff members for every ONE patient if the Village of Gurnee approved a special use permit (which it did). We’re wondering how long the waiting list will be for those wanting this kind of pampered care. First, now that the Board approved the variance, the facility must get the proper license which will require it to add sprinklers, an elevator, modify a few rooms so that there is some separate gathering places, etc.

The facility, according to the article, has been operating in a residential neighborhood without a license since 2009 and currently has four more residents (at one time NINE more) than are allowed without being licensed. Under the revised proposal, the number of residents allowed would increase upward to 24 in the 12 bedroom, 6,000 S.F. single family home.

I’m sure that there will be a correction posted to the article regarding the 8:1 staff-to-patient ratio showing that it is really eight patients to one staff member. But, in the meantime can you clip my toenails, trim my nose and ear hairs, rub my back, bring me more hot chocolate, fluff up my pillows, and if I think of anything else for my EIGHT care-givers I will get back to you! This sure beats what is proposed in the massive ObamaCare package!

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  • LC Truth

    Why not show your intelligence and call the bill what it really is …The American Affordable Healthcare Act and start backing up your claims of “massive” . My guess you will not be able to back up your data with factual information.

  • Obamacare Truth

    The American Affordable Healthcare Act will double the cost of healthcare for most people and in my case will more than triple the cost. All for a lowered quality of service. Oh, and don’t bother trying to pay a doctor out of your own pocket to do an ‘unapproved’ procedure like an unapproved blood test. The ‘healthcare’ bill makes that illegal.

    Why not show intelligence and read the Obamacare bill yourself? At least you’ll be one step ahead of the lawmakers who didn’t bother to read what they passed.

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