Thorntons Brings Real Kitchen – Real Food – to Round Lake Beach

After more than a quarter-century of service in Round Lake Beach, Thorntons is unveiling its “Real Kitchen – Real Food” program at the East Rollins Road store!

Thornton's, 180 East Rollins Road, Round Lake Beach
Thornton’s, 180 East Rollins Road, Round Lake Beach (remodeling view)

Thorntons understands a busy lifestyle means there’s not always time to sit back, relax and eat a meal…but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste or quality for speed. Beginning next week, Round Lake Beach can get delicious hot food, prepared fresh by a real cook, in a real kitchen, all in about three minutes, perfect for snacking on the  go. Guests can enjoy the same fast, easy, top-notch service they’ve come to expect from Thorntons, with the addition of fresh food, fuel and other items they need, all in one quick, efficient trip – without breaking the bank!

After reopening its doors on Jan. 13, Thorntons encourages guests to stop by 180 East Rollins Road to sample free, delicious hot food between 6:00 AM and 2:00 PM, for the first several days.

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