Tornado’s In Round Lake – What To Do

With well over 100 visitors yesterday looking for information on tornado’s in Round Lake, we thought we would once again post WHAT the various tornado siren warning sounds stand for. We are not aware of any actual tornado touching down Thursday night but as we all know, the sirens wailed for a very long time. They were one LONG warning sound which is meant to WARN you of a possible tornado.

Here is what the sirens mean since we are due for similar weather tonight (Friday)

Long Steady Siren = If the warning lasts 3 to 5 minutes it means the National Weather Service has issued a warning that the Round lake Area is in the path of a tornado and all residents should prepare to take cover.

Up and Down (Oscillating) Siren = If you hear these lasting 3-5 minutes it means that a tornado has been spotted. This requires IMMEDIATE action on your part and it is VERY important that you take cover IMMEDIATELY. You should go to a basement or a small interior room. If you are outside when you hear this warning, you should take cover in a low ditch or ravine.

NOTE: There is NO ’All Clear’ siren since tornadoes are unpredictable. Residents are advised to tune in a weather channel for updates but NOT to call 911 just because of stormy weather. The dispatchers have enough to do during turbulent weather so it’s best to tune in your radio for updates.

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