Trucker Knocks Power Out In Vernon Hills

With the weather dipping into the sub-zero range, many of us worry about ‘what’ might break down or go wrong due to the added stress on furnaces and systems. Then, along comes some idiot in Vernon Hills driving a dump truck out of a parking lot.

As reported in the Daily Herald, this idiot pulled out of a parking lot near Rt. 60 and Milwaukee Ave. with his box bed partially raised. As he proceeded, the raised bed snagged the power line and ripped down several utility poles. To make matters even worse, he continued to strike a number of light poles further down the street as he continued down Rt. 60. Rush hour traffic was at a standstill with power being out until 6:00 PM for approximately 420 customers. I’m sure that, with the extreme cold, many of those customers would like to express their feelings to him!

Idiot truck driver knocks power out in Vernon Hills.
(This photo is a simulation)

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