Ugly Hainesville “Street Scenes” A Non-Story!

Today’s Daily Herald ran a three column article about a former Hainesville village trustee who voiced her opinion at Tuesday’s village board meeting about “a growing number of shoddy properties” that weren’t helping local property values, especially if they were for sale.  Having sold several homes in the former trustee’s subdivision during an extensive career in real estate, I took my camera with me on a trip through Hainesville expecting to record the horrific changes that must have happened within the village since my last residential visit. My first stop was at the former trustee’s intersection and because she had mentioned at the meeting that she was trying to sell her home, I was looking for a For Sale sign. Not seeing one, I started my search for an abandoned hot tub eyesore instead. Apparently it was hidden by an auto since I didn’t spot it until a third trip through the neighborhood.

With camera in hand, turned on, and ready to start shooting, I scoured the streets looking for something, anything, to take a photo of. Not having any success I came to the conclusion that this 3-column story reported by Bob Susnjara was really a big ‘non-story’ that hurt property values in the area more by publishing it than a couple items left in street view ever could have.

On the way out of the subdivision I did spot the small snow blower that was also brought up at the meeting but I normally would have missed noticing it since it was so insignificant. It seems like this non-story could have been handled by a couple of knocks on the neighbor’s doors (what politicians do), asking them to please remove the offending items. If that failed how about a simple call to building and zoning rather than bringing it up at a town meeting.  What was the REAL motive?

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