Update on Round Lake Beach Hardee’s Restaurant

Latest Update: GRAND OPENING June 3rd at 7:00 AM

RLB Hardee's still waiting on building permits
RLB Hardee’s still waiting on building permits

I had an email from a recent transplant from Ohio who was craving a Hardee’s burger, asking if I knew anything more about the one being transformed from the old Long John Silver-A&W Root Beer building. After a couple of emails from village officials and a visit to the site where I spoke to several workers inside, I thought I would share that info with the rest of you.

Following is an excellent chronology of the Hardee’s project to date sent to me by Jon Wildenberg who is RLB Director of Economic Development:

April 2013 – The former Long John Silver’s/A&W Restaurant building sat on a larger parcel of land that also included the main building of the Eagle Creek Shopping Center. Hardee’s indicated to the shopping center owner that it preferred to own its own individual lot as part of a possible private sale to Hardee’s.

May/June 2013 – Shopping Center owner starts preparation of a plat of subdivision to create an individual lot.

June 27 2013 – Plat of Subdivision goes to VRLB Planning & Zoning Commission and is conditionally approved subject to resolution of LCDOT right-of-way dedication for Rollins Road.

July 26 2013 – Owner and LCDOT agree to a 9’ ROW dedication in lieu of a 20’ dedication to place ROW at back of curb for the existing parking lot.

Aug 16 2013 – Revised subdivision plat submitted by owner to LCDOT and Village of Round Lake Beach for review.

Sep 9 2013 – Village approves and signs subdivision plat.

Sep 13 2013 – Property owner records subdivision plat creating an individual lot for potential Hardee’s purchase.

Mid Nov 2013 – Private sale of lot to Hardee’s completed.

Dec 16 2013 – Hardee’s submits zoning petition for a special use permit for a restaurant with drive thru service.

Jan 9 2014 – Planning & Zoning Commission conducts public hearing in regard to Hardee’s petition for a special use permit for a restaurant with drive thru – recommended for approval subject to the addition of a bike rack and updating of two decorative light fixtures.

Jan 27 2014 – Village Board approves special use permit.

Feb 26 2014 – Hardee’s submits building permit plans for review.

Mar 5 2014 – 1st plan review comments from Village sent to Hardee’s.

Mar 20 2014 – Pending receipt of revised permit plans.

In Jon’s email he went on to say “Hardee’s is close to receiving a building permit. Once issued, construction will likely begin according to Hardee’s internal scheduling. Other governmental agencies involved moving forward include the Lake County Health Department and the Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District.”

There were about five men at the location doing little more than polishing things while waiting on the architechs revisions to be reviewed and approved by the village. I peeked into the eating area and saw that the table partitions were all in place and it looked like stools were already there as well. The order counter is in place but not completed. The kitchen area has a lot of nice big cooking units but they have not been installed, nor has many of the sink fixtures, while waiting on permits to be approved. One young man was busy polishing some of the Marlite wall covering along the back wall that had already been installed. Others were merely looking over the plans or on their laptops. The following short video shows the drive-thru that has been a partial cause of the delay as well as what the building may look like once all the signage goes up. I didn’t get any feel for just when it would be opening but if the village moves ahead on authorizing the building permit it shouldn’t take long to complete the remainder of the work both inside and outside.

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  • Kevin Sears

    I can already taste my first Double Monster Thickburger! Cant wait. Thanks for the update. Also, it is nice to see business come into the village!

    • by Gene Carey

      Whew! I don’t even want to think about the number of calories in one of those babies, Kevin. It’s probably best to just wash it down with a chocolate malted over at Dairy Queen.

        • by Gene Carey

          Trent, I didn’t notice it at the time or I would have written it down but when I was editing the video I noticed a small sign posted on their front door and at the bottom it looks as though there is a phone number to call. You may have to take a drive over there to read what it says.

    • by Gene Carey

      I don’t have an exact date yet, Violet. When I was taping the carnival behind it on Saturday I was going to see if there was anyone working inside but it was locked up for the weekend. They don’t have all of the exterior items installed yet such as their menu boards, etc. so it may be another couple of weeks since they will also need final approvals from the RLB building department.

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