Vacant Super K-Mart Building Being Actively Marketed

Let’s hope it doesn’t sit as long as the vacant Walmart did

Super K-Mart Plaza
Super K-Mart Plaza

While doing a Google search for some info on the Mallard Creek Shopping Center, I stumbled upon some marketing information for the now vacant Super K-Mart that everyone may be interested in seeing. At the time this marketing material was being circulated the store was obviously still open since it says to “Do not disturb existing tenant”. “Existing Tenant?” That would indicate that Sears Holding may not actually own the building and only leased it. Records show that it appears to be owned but Mid-America Group is marketing it as a lease.

Land value: $1,715,517
Building value: $2,840,163
Total value for property: $4,555,680
Class description: Commercial Improved
Central air: Yes
Lot size: 747,357 square feet
Assessments for tax year: 2009

In another post I mentioned that Chang Jiang Buffet, in the Mallard Creek Shopping Center, had not found a suitable new location to replace their 6,000 S.F. unit. That would mean that they are looking for a building about the size of Harbor Freight (the old Sears Outlet store) which is a little over 6,000 S.F. in case you know of any available locally with sufficient parking for a restaurant.

K-Mart marketing material
K-Mart marketing material
K-Mart building details
K-Mart building details

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