Vanderventer versus Bednar for Recorder of Deeds

Vanderventer debates Bednar at recent LWV debate
Vanderventer debates Bednar at recent LWV debate
At Sunday afternoons League of Women Voters forum held in Lake Forest, Democratic incumbent Mary Ellen Vanderventer and her opponent, Republican Bob Bednar, answered numerous questions of the candidates for Lake County Recorder of Deeds. The forum was held at the Lake Forest – Lake Bluff Senior Center which may explain why the the audience appeared to be mostly seniors.

I found this forum to be quite a bit different from previous LWV events I have attended in that all the questions seemed like they came from the audience rather than half the time being used up with LWV questions. That was very refreshing to say the least since in the time allotted for candidates, most audience questions fail to get asked.

Vanderventer continued to campaign on her last 16 years of service, mentioning in her closing statement that she has been endorsed by every newspaper in all of her previous campaigns as well as this one. She said that the Recorder of Deeds office is critical to the residents of the County and supplies information to other branch offices that depend on their vast information resources. Vanderventer stated that they never use taxpayers dollars to operate the office, using only the fees that are set by law.

Bednar, on the other hand, said he would not change the office from an elected or appointed position since his goal is to merge the office with the Recorders office. This, of course, would have to be something that the Lake County Board would have to approve and might even have to be put on a referendum. Bednar also mentioned that he had been in the Recorder’s office once back in the late 1990’s to counter Vanderventer’s accusation that he had never even been in the office to her knowledge. Bednar’s “vision” is to concentrate on the expense side of the office and eliminate this “little layer of administration” to save the taxpayers money as they have in many other smaller Illinois counties as well as the largest county in California.

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