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Last night I had the privilege to attend Congressman Joe Walsh’s Veterans Commendation Ceremony honoring fifteen veterans of the Illinois 8th Congressional District. The ceremony was held at the VeHe Barn in Deer Park with many veterans, friends, and relatives in attendance. In most cases it was a family member who had submitted the application for the Commendation Award for consideration.

Pastor Rick Valkanet said the invocation and closing benediction prayers and Rear Admiral John Mumaw (U.S. Army – Retired) made the opening remarks.

Retired U.S. Army Rear Admiral John Mumaw made the opening remarks
Retired U.S. Army Rear Admiral John Mumaw made the opening remarks

The 8th District veterans who were honored by Congressman Joe Walsh for their past service were: Loren “Duke” Abdalla, John ‘Jack’ Halley, Jr, Henry Inselberger, Gregory Jacobs, Robert Kellermann, Thaddeus Kochanny, Robert Leahy, Jr, William Lyford, John Mont Marquette, Gary Pilafs, Tom Reddish, Alfred Saller, James Schreiner, Thomas Steinman, and Thomas Thiry.

Submarine sonar technician Chief Thomas Steinman, nominated by his son, served during the Vietnam War
Submarine sonar technician Chief Thomas Steinman, nominated by his son, served during the Vietnam War

The resounding theme that played out throughout the night was that our veterans do not ask for nor do they seek recognition. They are selfless when it comes to discussing their military services. Please keep that in mind if you have or know of an employer who has a job available that our veterans could fill.

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  • LCTruth

    Actually RADM is a Navy Rank not Army. No doubt a great evening! I hope Joe votes to keep the needed funding to meet the physical and emotional needs that war does to the men and women who chose to wear the cloth of our nation.

  • Gene Carey

    LC ~ I used info from the handout which said he was U.S. Army (Retired)

    I am so glad that I went and heard what these fine men had done based on the letters submitted. Born in 1942 I can certainly appreciate those who went off to war in 1943-1944 as my own Dad did, as well as those who have fought in the many conflicts the U.S has been involved in since. These are the real heros, not the sports players, etc. that crave the limelight.

  • LC Truth

    Gene, then that tells me the Walsh Staffers are out of touch, not paying attention. I always said one could get ten atta boys and one ahhhh sh&t erases all of them.

  • Gene Carey

    LC ~ I could listen to the video closer and probably here the Rear Admiral being introduced, with his rank and service connection. Most young staff members as well as adults who have never served in the military do not know what all the military ranks mean, including myself who was rejected for enlistment due to having flat feet (wouldn’t make a good army soldier who had to walk a lot). I tried joining the Air Force during the Vietnam conflict and they told me my eyesight wasn’t good enough, same as what the Chicago PD told me when I tried to become a cop. After wearing arch supports for many years I was able to get my foot bones corrected but that didn’t help me back then. I do not know anything about military rank but stood in awe listening to what these men did and the years they served.

  • Lesley T

    I wonder why Joe Walsh chose only these 15 veterans for their service. Certainly, there are more than just 15 veterans in this district! Oh, maybe these are the 15 who give money to Joe so he recognized THEM instead of ALL the veterans who have served proudly in service to this wonderful United States of America, home of the Free because of the Brave!

  • Gene Carey

    Lesley ~ Walsh didn’t ‘choose’ just fifteen veterans. That was the number of submissions that he received by the deadline for planning the ceremony. Like it was mentioned MANY times at the ceremony, veterans do not seek nor do they feel a need to be recognized. That was not why they elected to serve our country. If you watched the entire video you would see how uncomfortable many of them were while being honored. I’m sure that they have many friends who did not return from battle and choose NOT to appear as heroes.

  • Gene Carey

    …also, you asked “he recognized THEM instead of ALL the veterans…”

    This was a ceremony giving out Commendations which is why he recognized and honored these fifteen. If you ever attend any of his Town Hall or Cup of Joe meetings you would know that he ALWAYS asks veterans to stand and be recognized at the very beginning of each meeting. He has never slighted any veteran and I’m sure if you and I both listen closely to the video again, both he and the Rear Admiral thanked ALL who are currently serving and who have served.

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