VIDEO: Dold-Schneider LWV Debate in Lake Forest

Sunday was another interesting day as I attended the only live audience debate between Republican Congressman Robert (Bob) Dold and Democratic challenger Brad Schneider at the Lake Forest High School, sponsored by the League of Women Voters and several other entities. Besides the Dold-Schneider hour-long debate, they also had several others such as Julie Morrison (D) and Arie Friedman (R) who are running for State Senate in District 29. Also on the agenda were a number of County Board candidates but since they are not in my district i didn’t stay to hear them.

After the Dold-Schneider debate I found that getting to my car would require dashing through a downpour of rain. After waiting under the building overhang for about fifteen minutes and having the rain blowing at me and my cameras, I went back inside hoping that there would be a break in the downpour. While carousing the literature on the candidate tables in the lobby, I asked a young lady at Dold’s table if she knew when he would be coming out of the auditorium. Shortly afterwards a well dressed gentleman came up to me and asked if the lady was able to answer any questions I had. I mentioned to him what I had asked her and he proceeded to tell me that ‘he’ was Bob Dold. I laughed and told him “No you aren’t, I know Bob Dold”. He then told me that he was the “real” Bob Dold, after which I found out I was talking to Bob Dold Sr. who was there with his wife Judy.

Bob and Judy Dold, parents of Republican Congressman Robert Dold
Bob and Judy Dold, parents of Republican Congressman Robert Dold

The LWV claimed that a video of the debate would appear on their website but as of Tuesday it still shows the last video being added back in June. Lake Forest TV (whoever they are) was also supposed to add the video to YouTube but, again, there is no video available. Even though the debate was open to the public and took place in a public building the LWV and LFTV wanted to retain full control and forbid “unauthorized” videos. Sorry, folks, but my Press credentials allow me to take photos and/or videos that are “educational and in the public interest”. Below is the hour long video that I took while sitting in full view under bright lights in the last row. The League has tried pulling this crap before. A couple of years ago when Kathy Tate-Bradish moderated the debate at the Grayslake High School they weren’t going to allow any cameras in but eventually relented and that is when all the camera phone videos came out when she refused an audience members request to say the Pledge.

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