VIDEO – Joe Walsh At Gurnee Village Hall Meeting

The last of Joe Walsh’s Town Hall Meetings, coined as his ‘listening tour’, was held Thursday evening at the Gurnee Village Hall. The turnout was similar to his previous post-election meetings with approximately 115 people in attendance.

There were many question and answers with some of the more lively ones being on illegal aliens and their taking away jobs for Americans. Walsh also asked how many veterans were in the audience and then asked several of them how they felt about legislation regarding changes in the “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell” rule.

Another thing that Walsh mentioned was that he has been assigned to three different committees which are:
1) Government Oversight & Reform
2) Small Business
3) Homeland Security

Walsh also stated that since he plans to spend much more time in his District than his predecessor he hopes to open ‘store-front’ offices in Northern Cook, Central Lake, and McHenry County rather than offices ‘difficult to find’ on upper floors of large commercial buildings. At the present time no specific locations have been setup.

ENJOY the full meeting video included below! The meetings held in Fox Lake, Lake Zurich, and McHenry are also shown on this site in their entirety.

The following press release just crossed our desk:

Washington, DC. – Congressman-elect Joe Walsh (R, Illinois-8) will be a busy man during committee time in the 112th Congress that begins in January. The Republican Steering Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives has assigned Walsh to three committees: Homeland Security, Small Business, and Oversight and Government Reform.

“I am proud to accept these positions, and I thank the Steering Committee for entrusting me with these responsibilities. I believe that these committees will allow me to advocate for the issues that I campaigned on and those issues which are important to my constituents in the eighth district,” Walsh said.

The Committee on Homeland Security, which will be chaired by Congressman Peter King (R, New York-3), has jurisdiction over the Department of Homeland Security and its functions, including transportation, border, and port security.

“I am pleased to have Joe Walsh join the Committee on Homeland Security so we can work together to protect our homeland from the terrorists who continue to plot and execute attacks against our nation,” King announced.

Newly seated Senator Mark Kirk (R, Illinois) welcomed the selection, adding, “I want to congratulate Congressman-elect Walsh for his appointment to the critical Homeland Security Committee. From this position he will be in a unique opportunity to ensure the safe operation and expansion of O’Hare Airport and its growing economic engine.”

As a member of the Small Business Committee under incoming Chairman Sam Graves (R, Missouri-6), Walsh already knows where his focus will be.

“The Obamacare legislation rammed through Congress earlier this year has left employers in my district worried about its costs and confused about its implementation,” he said. “We must work to alleviate the concerns for small businesses, which are the job-creating engine for the economy.”

Walsh’s other committee, Oversight and Government Reform, oversees government management and accounting. Its incoming chairman is Congressman Darrell Issa (R, California-49).

“I would like to welcome Congressman-elect Joe Walsh to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform,” Issa said. “There is no question that we will look to Joe to help lead our effort to help reduce government waste and fraud and increase transparency. I know that Joe will be a great conservative ally as we move forward.”

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