VIDEO – Joe Walsh At Lake Zurich Town Hall Meeting

Suzanne K. Branding, Village President (Mayor), of Lake Zurich introduced Congressman-elect Joe Walsh at his second post election ‘listening tour’ held at the Lake Zurich Police Station Sunday evening.  

Congressman-elect Joe Walsh speaks at Lake Zurich Police Station meeting 12/12/10

With temperatures in the teens and the public being told to avoid driving unless necessary, there was a surprising FULL house, estimated at approximately 135 mostly local residents at Walsh’s second scheduled meeting. Residents continued to arrive and more chairs were brought into the chamber even after the meeting had begun.

Cold temperatures and horrible driving conditions didn’t keep approximately
135 residents from attending the Lake Zurich meeting

It was a very lively and informative meeting with Walsh taking numerous questions from all areas of the audience. As the 1:30 meeting deadline approached, Walsh announced that he would stay to answer any one’s question that he was unable to get to.

Walsh fielded questions from throughout the audience including those
who were still without a seat due to the packed house.

The full length video below is available for those who would like to have been there or are interested in listening to the Q&A session. The video of the Dec. 4th Fox Lake meeting was posted on December 5th for those who would also like to watch that Q&A session. Due to the large file reduction & conversion, the audio isn’t always in sync with the videos which is not the fault of YouTube but our software. ENJOY!

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  • Gene Carey

    There were some familiar faces which may have been staff taking notes as well as others who came to hear additional questions that may not have been asked in Fox Lake. Like Walsh said at the beginning, some people are uncomfortable speaking up or even writing down their notes. Those people may find the answers by attending these meetings without uttering a peep. I didn’t see the same person selected by Walsh who may have asked questions in Fox Lake as he tries to spread it around among the audience.

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