VIDEO – Joe Walsh At McHenry Town Hall Meeting

State Senator Pam Altoff, R-32nd District, introduced Congressman-elect Joe Walsh at his third in a series of post election Town Hall meetings, also known as his ‘listening tour’. This particular one was held at the McHenry High School auditorium in the heart of McHenry.

State Senator Pam Altoff, R-32nd District, introduces Joe Walsh Monday in McHenry

One thing that Joe Walsh likes to do is start off any of his public meetings with the Pledge of Allegiance, however not everybody stands to recite such as this younger couple who remained seated.

Walsh led off the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance but was not joined by everyone.

Anyone living in McHenry, and not living under a rock, should recognize the man behind the camera in the photo below. It’s none other than 2002 Gubernatorial candidate, Cal Skinner, who keeps McHenry County residents on top of all the local news at his popular blog

GOTCHA! Just like on Candid Camera! That’s none other than Cal Skinner
from who always has his camera with him

This meeting was attended by a smaller group of about 80 people but that didn’t keep it from being one of the best so far. There was plenty of audience participation, often member-to-member asking and getting opinions from those with real life experience, especially the businessmen in attendance.

As we mentioned with our other video clips, they are huge files in excess of 7GB that requires a 90% file reduction along with chopping it up into little 10 minute segments to satisfy YouTube guidelines. This often causes the video and audio to get out of sync which we apologize for. The lighting in an auditorium is set up for the stage area, not the seating area, so we had to also lighten up the videos quite a bit to show the people asking the questions making it look a little washed out.


The next scheduled meetings are tonight in Schaumburg and then on Thursday in Gurnee.

Tuesday, December 14th 7:00-8:30 PM
Schaumburg Township Center
1 Illinois Boulevard
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169

Tuesday, December 16 7:00-8:30 PM
Gurnee Villlage Hall
325 North Oplaine Road
Gurnee, IL

Q: Why doesn’t the audio sync with the video in the YouTube video player?

A: Here is what’s involved to make the 1.5 hour meetings into a single YouTube video player using the equipment we currently have available.

1) Record with main video clip capable camera which STOPS for about 45 seconds after 33 minutes of recording to process the video.
2) Record the ‘missing’ 45 seconds with a second smaller camera while main camera is processing.
3) Download about 7 to 8GB of Movie Video to computer which ends up being three 1.7GB files from main camera and two very small files from smaller camera.
4) Divide each of the 1.7GB files into three sections of about 11 minutes each (now we have a total of 11 files)
5) Convert all 11 files to mpeg4 format, editing a little for brightness if needed.
6) Merge segment 3 with the first short file to help cover the loss of the 45 second processing time
7) Merge segment 6 with the second short file to cover the loss of the second 45 second processing time
8 ) Now we are back to 8 files, having merged the two short ones with two 11 minute ones.
9) Begin the slow process of uploading each of the 8 files to YouTube which takes approximately 27 minutes EACH
10) Using the YouTube developers tools, arrange all eight individual videos into one nice package and then imbed it into our blog.
11) Total time involved = You don’t really want to know but hopefully you can better understand why things tend to get out of sync in the videos!

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  • LC Truth

    Perhaps you ought to consider changing this blog title to Joe Walsh Fan Club. Recent posts has nothing to do with District 116. What’s going on in that area?

  • Gene Carey

    LC, are you suggesting that how the District’s newly elected Representative feels about important issues such as health care, immigration, war funding, federal deficit, jobs, small business, etc. that will effect their lives and how he plans to vote on those issues doesn’t have anything to do with the District? Many who may not have voted for him as well as those who did will get a better understanding of his stance on these issues by listening to the Q&A at these meetings. Now that the election is over questions can now be more direct and his answers will also ‘hold his feet to the fire’ for the next two years. If you are tired of reading about him here, then skip the next couple of days because the next entry & video will probably be about his last meeting tonight in Gurnee.

    Thanks for your comment.

  • LC Truth

    I will be more engaged once he is sworn in. Right now he is on a base fan & appeal tour. After he is sworn in and is truly engaged in legislation you can best believe I will be at any town hall he is appearing. I also believe once he is sworn in, town halls will be far and few between because he will be in DC more than he is back in the district.

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