Poll Shows Walsh and Bean In Dead Heat

For those of you who have been watching the race in the 8th Congressional District, an independent poll released today by We Ask America for QuincyNews.org shows the race between incumbent Melissa Bean and challenger Joe Walsh a dead heat. This may come as a surprise to those who have said that the chances of Bean being reelected were as high as 98%. It looks like we now have a real honest to goodness horse race for the 8th District Congressional seat.

Could this possibly be the result of Congresswoman Bean ignoring candidate Walsh, preferring not to give him any credibility? Could it be the result of Congresswoman Bean failing to hold any townhall meetings to discuss the health care bill? Could it be the result of Congresswoman Bean failing to hold any townhall meetings on the stimulus bill? Could it be that Congresswoman Bean’s teleconference calls had all prescreened questions (only about five were answered) and all you could do was just listen in? Could it be because Congresswoman Bean fails to show up in person at supermarkets and elects to send representatives to gather questions instead? Or is it simply voter apathy towards everyone in Washington? I received one of these poll calls earlier today which only consisted of three questions. Who would you vote for today for Congress, for Governor, and what was your gender. The pollster also reportedly said that it wasn’t so much the popularity of candidate Walsh but was due more to the Republicans gaining voter approval overall.

I’m wondering now if we will be seeing more of Congresswoman Bean? This certainly was an interesting turn of events in favor of candidate Joe Walsh who has certainly made himself fully available to the public and media, holding numerous townhall meetings all over the District. November 2nd isn’t that far away for those of you who have yet to decide on your candidate. Take the time to find out more about all the candidates running so that you can make an informed decision on election day.

We welcome comments from all candidates running in District 116 who would like to express their opinions and views on how they would fix our current economic and job situation.


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