Walsh – Bean In 350 Vote Holding Pattern

The voters in the 8th Congressional District may not know whether Incumbent Melissa Bean or challenger Joe Walsh will be representing them in Washington until after November 16th. That is when the Lake County Recorder will begin the task of hand counting the absentee and provisional ballots. Although it was reported that McHenry’s election day results included absentee and provisional ballots, the deadline for their arrival had not arrived. Thus, there are additional ones to be counted and McHenry has also indicated that they will also start counting any remaining ballots on November 16th.

Results of Walsh versus Bean election may not be known until after Nov 16th

That means both Bean and Walsh will remain in a holding pattern. Walsh has cautiously announced victory and will be heading to Washington next week for freshman orientation. If the remaining votes remain consistent with the earlier results of both Lake and McHenry counties, Walsh will be heading to Washington and Bean will be heading back to her bunker.


Is Walsh Election Being Stolen By Democrats?


Irregularities Being Reported in Cook County

 We received some VERY disturbing news from one of our readers regarding some shenanigans going on in Cook County and have included it below:

Today I learned from a member of the Walsh campaign about very
serious and demonstrable alleged acts of election fraud on the part
of Melissa Bean’s campaign and the Cook County Clerk’s office.

Among other matters:

On election night the ballots of eight Cook County precincts “went
missing”. They turned up in Elgin (far outside of Cook County) and in
the middle of election night were transferred to Cicero – “for safe

Cook County claims to continue to receive about 20 – 30 absentee
ballots per day. Cook County officials claim the ballots are valid,
but refuse to retain the envelopes in which they arrive so that
postmark may be verified.

Cook County officials provided to the Bean campaign, upon request
from them, a list containing the names and phone numbers of all those
in Cook County who requested but did not return an absentee ballot.
They also provided to the Bean campaign, upon request from them, an
image file of a blank absentee ballot.

Out of concern for “fairness”, County officials then also supplied
these materials to the Walsh campaign, who had not requested them but
learned about this when they were received.

The list contained approximately 600 names and phone numbers. A
number reside in “mental rehabilitation facilities” and, upon inquiry
form the Walsh campaign, were told that callers can only speak with
the voters’ case workers. Some were nursing home residents who said
that they had sent in a ballot which they had signed. On-site
investigation revealed that some of these voters were incapable of
holding a pen.

Walsh campaign investigation revealed ballots that were sent to
addresses where the alleged requesters had not resided for two – 15

Apparently the absentee ballots recently received have been running
70 – 30% for Melissa Bean, a much higher ratio than other selected
groups of ballots and dramatically higher than all other ballots

Democrat officials are predicting a Melissa Bean victory if she is
able to win “85%” of the ballots outstanding.

There have been rumors of a huge ballot dump – hundreds of ballots –
that will arrive at the the Cook County Clerk’s office within the
next few days.

The Walsh campaign is in contact with Republican officials and
attorneys to see if this juggernaut of perversion of democracy can be

This past Spring Cook County’s director of elections, Jan Kralovee, issued a memo warning election workers that “Voters must fill out the ballots themselves without obstruction or assistance.” and also “IF A VOTER NEEDS ASSISTANCE, the name of the assisting person must be written on the outside of the return envelope,”

If the above information is correct, the warnings in this memo have been neglected.


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