Walsh Lead Weakens – How The 8th Voted

With the Cook County portion of the absentee ballot count completed, challenger Joe Walsh still holds onto a slim lead over incumbent Melissa Bean by a mere 365 votes. The McHenry County absentee ballots have already been counted and are included in the current vote totals. Lake County won’t be including their absentee ballot counts until November 16th. Walsh led Bean in both of these Counties so it’s not expected that Bean will overtake him in the final tally. Absentee ballots still have time to arrive and they will be counted and included in all three Counties.  Below is a chart showing how the 8th District voted.

Chart courtesy of the Daily Herald



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  • TruthSquader

    This is an excellent analysis. Bean ran the campaign of a loser and lost. I believe she avoided voters because she was afraid to confront them. She had no good answers for their questions or to account for her votes.
    She simply voted the way two influential people told her to vote: Nancy Pelosi and her roomate in Washington, D.C., Deborah Wasserman-Schulz.
    Bean herself is, ahem, not very bright. So she could not think of ways to field questions and defend the positions she was told to take.
    By the way, her business background is totally inflated – actually, fabricated – by the fawning local media. In fact, she is no businesswoman whatsoever.
    After graduating from Oakton Community College with an Associate’s Degree, Bean worked in low-level staff postions at tech firms, mostly in marketing. Then she joined her husband’s tech headhunting practice, and gave herself the title “President”. Her husband, Alan, does all the work – on the phone, the phone in the basement of their home.
    Melissa Bean is in no way a “small business owner” or “small businesswoman”. Her husband’s business has no staff – not a single employee, no overhead to speak of, no equipment, no manufacturing, no budget to meet, no managerial decisions to make. He just makes calls and places people – and she just calls herself “President”.
    Local editors – Daily Herald, Northwest Herald, Pioneer Press – decided to accept her claim to be a “small businesswoman” and just ran with it because it suited their pro-Bean template.
    Although she somewhat recently earned a Bachelor’s degree from Roosevelt University’s Schaumburg campus, her pretensions to be a manager in any way are sham and scam.

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