Walsh Leading Bean 49% to 46% in Latest Poll

In the latest poll taken by WeAskAmerica Congressional District 8 challenger, Republican Joe Walsh, leads incumbent Congresswoman Melissa Bean 48.72% to 45.74%. Green Party candidate Bill Scheurer moved his percentage up to 5.54%. The poll has an error factor of around 3%.

The latest poll also shows Republicans sweeping to victory in Illinois Districts 10,11,14, and 17.

Quoted from WeAskAmerica:

“The most intriguing result to us Illinois 8. Since 2004, Democrat Melissa Bean has repeatedly proved to be a winner in this district which many consider to be the most Republican-leaning area from the last redistricting. Bean defeated beleaguered Congressman Phil Crane to win the seat, and has held on since.  This time out she ran a late, but aggressive and expensive campaign against Republican Joe Walsh who did not have the resources to respond.”

Are voters sending a message to the Democratic controlled Congress and President Obama that they are unhappy with the direction they have taken the country? We will know tomorrow night!


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