Walsh Opens Woodstock Office Next to Chase Bank

Congressman Joe Walsh, (R-IL), opened up a second district office at 124 Cass Street in Woodstock on Monday, November 14th. What makes the location interesting, besides being next to a Tarts & Truffles vendor, is that it is located right next to Chase Bank. After Walsh’s Gurnee ‘Cup of Joe” event where he debated the influence of banks on the current economical situation “Don’t Blame the Banks” the location is sure to add fodder for his opponents since it has been reported that Walsh’s biggest campaign benefactors come from the banking industry — $132,329 in campaign contributions from the finance industry and $18,400 from bank employees.

Congressman Joe Walsh opens 2nd District office at 124 Cass Street, Unit 2, in Woodstock
Congressman Joe Walsh opens 2nd District office at 124 Cass Street, Unit 2, in Woodstock

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  • LCTruth

    Better looking that what is in Fox Lake but in the Square of Progressive Woodstock. Whatch out Walsh.
    BTW Gene….congrats on your video going national. I hope you saw a major boost in traffic as a result. Despite our disagreement on Walsh, you do have an informative local blog.

  • Gene Carey

    Thanks, LC ~ Yes, I had a dramatic spike in traffic and yesterday I took a screenshot of my StatCounter. I thought it would be interesting to show what can happen if you are in the right place at the right time and then how it fades away as the story dies down and traffic goes back to normal. With all the pirated versions that were uploaded, there are almost 500,000 views of the short 3 to 6 minute portion. Two more hijackers agreed to take theirs down yesterday rather than mess around having to add an annotation giving credit to the source.

  • Gene Carey

    BTW LC ~ Yesterday I ‘liked’ Dold so that I could start following him around with my camera when he is in this area campaigning. I don’t know much about him except what I read on his website. One person I know I won’t be supporting is Tammy Duckworth who was handed a job out of sympathy that she wasn’t anywheres near qualified for, in my opinion.

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