Walsh To Occupy The Bean Bunker

Walsh to occupy the abandoned Bean Bunker

Last Saturday the Daily Herald ran an article, credited to the Associated Press, about the “Congressional rookies vying for the best office space”. Typical of the Daily Herald, they didn’t bother to have one of their reporters find out what office space Congressman-elect Joe Walsh would be occupying. Instead, the article only mentioned Bob Gibbs of Ohio, Corey Gardner of Colorado, and Robert Hurt of Virginia. The Associated Press article apparently didn’t even tweak the interest of the Daily Herald Editor to send someone searching for information on what office space Joe Walsh would be taking over. There are a total of 85 ‘rookies’ that attended orientation at the White House last week. The available office spaces, according to the AP article varied from a 997 s.f. office to one with a public ladies rest room in the middle and another in an unused elevator shaft.

Corey Gardner picked #1 in the lottery draw and will take over the 997 s.f. office, while Robert Hurt, who drew #85 will occupy the split unit with the bathroom in the middle.

But, what about Congressman-elect Joe Walsh? No mention of him in the article or any follow-up by the Daily Herald!

Congressman-elect First Lady
Helene Walsh

For those who might be interested, we have the answer for you from none other than Congressman-elect First Lady, Helene Walsh.

Joe Walsh will be taking over the space currently occupied by his rival, Congresswoman Melissa Bean. How did this come about? Due to the fact that the election had not been decided when orientation began in Washington, Walsh was ineligible to partake in the drawing and Bean’s office was not up for grabs because she had not officially lost the race. Put two and two together and in a twist of fate, just like Walsh’s election, Bean steps out and Walsh steps in!

Joe Walsh
will occupy the Bean Bunker

So, now you know what no daily news media felt was worth reporting (but many were wondering after reading the AP article).

As far as the “Bean Bunker Walsh said that he would be sleeping there when in Washington but plans to be much more visible back in the 8th Congressional District listening to his constituents. He is already planning on between twenty and thirty additional town hall meetings before he is sworn in next January.


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