Walsh Town Hall Meeting In Lake Villa 4/26

Walsh to hold town hall meeting in Lake Villa on April 26th
Walsh to hold town hall meeting in Lake Villa on April 26th

U.S. Congressman Joe Walsh toured the Zion nuclear plant on Saturday 4/23 and will discuss that and other issues facing Illinois and the nation at a town hall meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 26th from 7:00 to 8:30 at Lake Villa Township West Campus, the former Gavin North School, 37850 N. Route 59, Lake Villa.

Hope To see you there!

Lake Villa Township Campus
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  • LC Truth

    I couldn’t make it because of a prior engagement, but I hear it was a real rebel rouser. Walsh got the most push back he has ever received. I should have a copy of the video by mid-day.

  • Gene Carey

    Actually it was rather tame compared to what I read in today’s Herald with regard to Representative Daniel Webster being booed and heckled at his town hall meeting in Orlando Florida. None of that went on last night with well over 200 constituents in attendance. Walsh talked for the first half hour before taking questions and during that time two people got up and left, a first that I have ever witnessed. It was when Walsh was telling the audience that Republicans and democrats both want the same things: improved economy.jobs, protected retirements, etc. and that both R & D should just “get over it!” R & D just differ on HOW we will get there. I guess the two people didn’t care for being told to “get over it!”

    Joe has held more town hall meetings since the election than any other elected official and will continue to take any type of question at future meetings. The difference in the audiences now is that they are not just supporters and people making up their minds on who to vote for. Now they are all his constituents who come to these meetings wanting to know what HE is going to do about the issues. Sometimes I had to laugh at the way they asked what HE planned to do to fix things, as if he alone can resolve the problem.

    I didn’t take a video last night since it takes forever to upload a 1 1/2 hour video to YouTube. I do host real estate visual tours on my own domain but they don’t get the viewers that YT does. There were several people recording the entire meeting. In fact, the lady behind me was recording with a small flip camera and it was quite obvious she was not a Walsh supporter.

    Th questions were about the same as before the election and I went hoping to hear about his visit to the Zion nuclear facility on the 23rd, but he didn’t mention it. Two or three people read some lengthy stuff that they could have just handed to him rather than make us all sit through listeniing to it. It took valuable time away from allowing more people, who came out in the rain, to ask their questions.

  • LC Truth

    Well it does go to show we may be a bit more civil than those in FL. He has lived up to his promise to get back with the people. Unfortunately he is not listening to the majority and is making decisions in a vacuum of HIS ideologies, not the Districts.
    It is going to be very interesting to see how the 2012 election season pans out.
    All of us are very anxious to see the map. Who knows… Gene, you just may be in the 10th.
    As soon as the re-map is complete, I am sure we will see the parade of candidates. Just wonder is Joe will end up in a primary.

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